Auditions are nerve racking, they never stop being nerve racking, but with a few helpful tips you can become a pro, and feel much more confident auditioning! 

Learn, how to pick a good audition song, how to prepare for your audition, what directors are looking for, how to prepare for callbacks and what goes on behind closed door when an artistic team is puzzling together a cast. 

This workshop will take place in 3 different parts:
Part 1 will deal with how to prepare for an audition, how to choose a song and track, what the directors are looking for, ways to stand out in a positive way at auditions or call backs, and tactics to combat nerves. 
Part 2 will be an explanation and discussion on how an artistic team puts together a cast list and why sometimes it doesn’t always make sense. 
Part 3 will provide an optional opportunity to practice an audition song and get some feedback from directors.

Parents are encouraged to come to learn how to help their student know how to best prepare for an audition, and gain a little more clarity on the casting process. Feel free to come to whichever session you feel will most benefit you, no need to come to all!