Why Support CYT?

Christian Youth Theater is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Since revenue from ticket sales and class tuition is not enough to cover operating costs, every dollar you contribute assures that CYT can continue to deliver top-notch affordable programming and achieve its goals in developing character in children and adults one stage at a time.

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As a non-profit, CYT North Idaho is extremely grateful for any and all donations we receive.  We have recently added another avenue for giving to become a little easier for you - VENMO!  
Please go to @CYTNorthIdaho to make a contribution today that will help enrich the lives of local students and families, and as always, we truly appreciate your generous gift!


CYT aims to give access to theater arts for all kids regardless of their financial situation. As such, CYT makes scholarships available to families in need. Scholarships are available for 50% or 25% off tuitions. Your donations help give kids, who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance, an opportunity to participate in our programs.

Theater Matters. Really!

Children who participate in theater with CYT have the opportunity to develop invaluable skills for successful adulthood. While having fun auditioning, learning lines, rehearsing and taking classes, kids also learn to:
  • Lead, follow, and cooperate
  • Work behind the scenes
  • Be responsible in the spotlight
  • Make and meet commitments
  • Solve problems
  • Practice public speaking
  • Exercise respect for authority
  • Recognize talent in themselves and others

Families need help. Right now.

We all know the poor economy is pressing in on everyone, but especially on those who live paycheck to paycheck. Out of necessity, the first things to be cut in a family's budget are extra-curricular activities. Kids grow up quickly -- now is the time they have to benefit from quality programs like CYT. The longer and more consistently children can participate, the better. This is where you fit in. You get to be a hero to a kid in need.
You win. They win. It's pretty simple. The best part is that you can actually see the kids you support grow and excel. CYT's top-notch theater productions give you the opportunity to see your donation dollars at work in a very exciting way.

Our well established and stable 501(c)3 non-profit organization will put your tax-deductible donation to immediate and excellent use. Every dollar stays in your community, going to children who might otherwise miss out on all the benefits live theater has to offer. Your gift will have a tremendous impact in the lives of hundreds of kids!


Donor Benefits

CYT relies on the donations of patrons so we can provide quality theater education across the country. According to “The Value and Quality of Arts Education: A Statement of Principles”, students who participate in the arts do better in school, stay in school longer, and win more academic awards. They are also three times more likely to go to college and become more confident, considerate, pro-social and pro-civic citizens! Your generous donation ensures that our students are given these benefits, so that they can go on to build a stronger world for future generations.

Giving Tree

CYT has been so touched by our families. We are truly humbled and thankful, and appreciate any donations that continue to be given. As our program moves into its 15th season, we want to reflect back and remember all of the families and businesses that have made CYT what it is today, and through your involvement in our “Giving Tree”, you will not only leave your family’s or business’s legacy, but help CYT continue to grow and bring the gift of our program to more families.  Please consider leaving your family's legacy for all to see

Choose from:
  • Root Giver - Our Monthly Givers Feed Our Program. Please consider being a Root Giver!
  • Bud Giver - A little goes a long way - donation of $10 to $99
  • Leaf Giver – donation of $100 to $299 - Giving us the power to do more. Your name will be inscribed on a Leaf.
  • Fruit Giver – donation of $300 to $599 - Choose one of the Fruit of CYT to Support and get that fruit and name on a Fruit on the Tree. The Fruit, provide the tools for success.
  • Branch Giver – donation of $600 to $999 -  Helping us be sustainable. Your name and a favorite memory will be adorned on a branch.
  • Core Giver - $1,000  to $1,499 - Giving us a steady base. Your name and a favorite picture will be added to the Trunk of our tree.
  • Sunshine Giver - $1,500+  Forever shining over CYT. Verse or Quote in the Rays of Sunshine and a favorite picture.
 More information can be obtained by contacting Julie Hunt at juliehunt.cyt@gmail.com
Thank you in advance for being a forever part of the CYT family and supporting us as we strive to enhance the program for our current students and families, and to bring our program to more kids and families in our community.


AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support CYT North Idaho every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at smile.amazon.com, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection, and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to CYT!  Just select "CYT (Branch name here)" as the organization you would like to support when you set up your Amazon Smile account at smile.amazon.com.

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