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Ticket sales cover only a portion of CYT's operating expenses. We are committed to remaining accessible for families through keeping our prices reasonable. Please  click here to donate as we "develop character... one stage at a time!"

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Theater matters. Really!

Children who participate in theater with CYT have the opportunity to develop invaluable skills for successful adulthood. While having fun auditioning, learning lines, rehearsing and taking classes, kids also learn to:
  • Lead, follow, and cooperate
  • Work behind the scenes
  • Be responsible in the spotlight
  • Make and meet committments
  • Solve problems
  • Practice public speaking
  • Exercise respect for authority
  • Recognize talent in themselves and others

Families need help. Right now.

We all know the poor economy is pressing in on everyone, but especially on those who live paycheck to paycheck. Out of necessity, the first things to be cut in a family's budget are extra-curricular activities. Kids grow up quickly -- now is the time they have to benefit from quality programs like CYT. The longer and more consistently children can participate, the better. This is where you fit in.
You get to be a hero to a kid in need.
You win. They win. It's pretty simple. The best part is that you can actually see the kids you support grow and excel. CYT's top-notch theater productions give you the opportunity to see your donation dollars at work in a very exciting way.

Our well established and stable 501(c)3 non-profit organization will put your tax-deductible donation to immediate and excellent use. Every dollar stays in your community, going to children who might otherwise miss out on all the benefits live theater has to offer. Your gift will have a tremendous impact in the lives of hundreds of kids!

We invite you to look over this sponsorship listing, pick a donation level, and help CYT continue its mission of "developing character... one stage at a time."

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