Current Staff Members:

Julie Hunt

Managing Director
Julie Hunt began her journey with CYT North Idaho when her daughter wanted to audition for the first show, a tour group of A Christmas Carol. They only had one other boy audition and were worried whether they could actually make this first show a reality. She brought her two boys and CYTNI has been a staple in our community ever since. For two of her kids, the performing bug has never left. Julie was the bookkeeper from 2008 to 2013 and then again beginning in 2017. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting and is a retired CPA. She also is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and helps people manage stress.

Jessica Belisle

Artistic Director
Jessica Belisle is ecstatic to be on staff at CYT North Idaho as the Artistic Director! Jessica is a CYT Spokane Alumna, her love for theater started when she was 8 years old and she saw her first CYT show (Sleeping Beauty)! Jessica studied History and Theater at Carroll College in Helena Montana and has been working with CYT since 2011 as a Production Intern, Intern Artistic Director, HYPE Advisor, Camp Director Teacher and Director! Jessica firmly believes that through theater arts education a student can develop greater self awareness, empathy, discipline, teamwork, focus, passion, joy and confidence! Her goal is to cultivate an environment where every class, every production, every interaction, allows each student passing through CYT’s doors to feel, included, uplifted and inspired. She hopes that the vibrant CYT culture will build each student’s skills and provide opportunities for those skills to be grown! Jessica thanks the CYT board for the opportunity to work with this remarkable program and she can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you!

Julie DuPuis

Class & Show Coordinator

Jinny Turnbull

Office Administrator/Registrar

Current Teachers:

Amee Peltekian

Amee grew up in a very musical, theatrical family. She is so excited to have found a home with CYT so she can share this joy with her 2 kids and with this incredible theatre community! You may have seen Amee as Maria in CCT's production of The Sound of Music. Before moving to the area, Amee owned and worked for character entertainment companies for four years and was a children's leader at BSF for 8 years. Amee studied acting, dance, voice, and childhood development in college and has passionately pursued opportunities to teach and grow in dance, acting, and vocal performance.

Anne Lillian Mitchell

From board member to directing to teaching classes, Anne Lillian Mitchell has worked with CYT Spokane and North Idaho for 15 years. Her background in the Performing Arts spans over 40 years including 100s of plays, a 1000+ commercials, 100+ films, and 100+ episodes of television. With degrees in Acting, Direction, and Technical Theatre, Anne works professionally in the field of film working daily with Performers from Broadway to Television to Feature Films. Anne is the mother of two girls almost 1 & 5! She is excited to help develop the next generation of CYTers!

Chloe Rutherford

Chloe is a CYT North Idaho Alumni and graduate of Grand Canyon University with a degree in Elementary Education. She is currently working as a 3rd grade teacher at Seltice Elementary in Post Falls. Chloe was involved in CYT for ten years performing in over 20 shows. You may remember her cast as Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, A Dream Dancer in Narnia, Snow White in Snow White and the Prince, with a favorite being a Disciple in Godspell. Chloe is currently a Production Team member for CYT's Hair and Makeup committee, and she is very excited that she has been able to teach for CYT!

Heather Renz

Heather was a volunteer with CYT Spokane for 7 years and now, with CYT North Idaho for almost two years. Being involved with this program has truly brought joy and an appreciation for the art of musical theater. Heather played the viola throughout school and into college but, discovered singing is her true passion. She has enjoyed being a part of church worship teams, singing for local sporting events and chorale music in college. She has also enjoyed being a part of three CCT productions: The Music Man, Seusical and The Sound of Music. Singing and music have been an integral part of Heather's life and she is deeply honored to share her love with others.

Jaelyn Young

Jaelyn is a recent graduate from CYT North Idaho. She has been a part of this program since she was 10 years old. CYT has always been a super important part of her life and she has made lifelong friends here! She is so excited to be able to introduce the new generation of CYT to the art of theatre. Jaelyn is currently a full time student at North Idaho College studying dental hygiene. She is so thankful for this opportunity and super excited to get started!

Kira Lambas

As a former CYT student, and current theater and music teacher at Christian Center School, Kira is very excited to be joining the CYT family once again! After beginning in CYT at age 10, God's gift of creativity sparked a light in her life, and never left. Kira has spent the last 12 years working with many theater groups in the area, gaining skills in nearly every area of production. After spending nearly a decade coaching gymnastics, Kira made her directorial debut with Bridge of Blood at Christian Center School. With experience in Performance, Improv, Choreography, Stage Management, Directing, and Teaching, she is very excited to share this knowledge with the latest generation of CYT kids.

Kynzie Washington

From ages 10 to 18, Kynzie participated in camps, classes, and shows at CYT and loved every minute. Since graduating, she has been involved in many local productions, favorites including Children of Eden and the Hunchback of Notre Dame at Aspire. Kynzie has enjoyed teaching camps with CYT and putting on productions at Dalton Elementary. Outside of work and rehearsal, you can catch Kynzie serving at One Place Church or watching movies with friends. Theatre has taught her more than she ever thought it could, and she hopes to share her joy for the performing arts with all of her students.

Paisley Siemens

Paisley Siemens is a CYT North Idaho alumni, her first show with CYT dating back to 2008. As well as being involved in CYT, Paisley is also a trained dancer and has taken classes in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap and hip hop and has been teaching dance for the past ten years. Along with her dance training she also has an AA in Music from North Idaho College. Paisley has loved being involved over the years in many different aspects of CYT including being a summer camp counselor and choreographer , teaching dance classes and musical theatre classes, directing shows and choreographing for both CYT and CCT productions. Paisley is also a dance instructor at Northern Dance Academy. She is extremely excited to be teaching for CYT this session and to be able to be part of a new generation of CYT students as they experience the program.

Presley DuPuis

Presley DuPuis is a proud CYT graduate who flipped over to the grown-up side and hasn't looked back since. He has gone from being the kid who would play the piano when he wasn't allowed to, to an accompanist himself. Over nearly the past decade he has worn many different hats in various CYT leadership roles including teacher, music director, director, pit musician, HYPE adviser, and improv coach. His involvement in CYT dates all the way back to 2008 with CYT North Idaho's first fully staged production: "Snow White." (where he played the Magic Mirror). Presley holds his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Eastern Washington University and currently maintains his own private music studio where he instructs in both voice and piano. He can always be found playing, teaching, and collaborating with local community theatres, schools, universities, and choirs.