Current Staff Members:

Dawn Simmons

Interim Managing Director
Our family found CYT upon moving to the area in Fall 2021. From day one, we felt welcomed. What struck us first was the friendliness of the kids, and then to meet teenagers who were happy and excited and willing to talk to an adult… Eureka! Our teenage son was cast in a show, immediately made friends, and we’ve been involved ever since. We witnessed the CYT mission and values at work, and the impact CYT has on the community. My background is in performing arts and business. At the University of Colorado, I was a double major in Music Voice Performance and Business Marketing. Upon graduation, contracts on cruise ships and Equity musical tours took me around the world. Upon return to land, the entertainment world collided with my love of business and I became a long time Fortune 500 Corporate speaker and entrepreneur —starting a personal real estate investment company and inventing a holiday product which was successfully sold to a US Corporation in 2019. Theater and business are passions, but what I love most is people. CYT people are awesome! I’m honored for the opportunity to serve in this position.

Jenny Keough

Artistic Director
Jenny has been a member of the CYT family since 2020, infusing her experience, passion for God, and love for the performing arts into the organization. As both a dedicated teacher and director, Jenny's mission is to inspire and uplift young talent while creating transformative and memorable theatrical experiences for all involved. Jenny's journey in theater arts commenced in her childhood, where her deep-rooted love for the theater blossomed. She received training in acting, singing, and dance at a young age and has performed off and on throughout the years. In her role as Artistic Director, Jenny strives to embody a nurturing and supportive spirit, guiding students to realize their full potential while instilling in them a profound sense of importance and belonging within the CYT theater community. She ensures that every performer feels valued and supported throughout their journey with CYT. Her goal extends beyond developing students' skills; she aims to also impart to them the profound joy and fulfillment that stems from the magical world of theater. Through her leadership, Jenny seeks to foster an environment where young artists cannot only hone their craft but also experience the joy of creativity and the love of God.

Julie DuPuis

Class & Show Coordinator
Julie has been involved with CYT since 2008! With a passion for nurturing young talent and fostering a love for performing arts, Julie has played a pivotal role in orchestrating classes and productions that captivate audiences and inspire participants alike. Julie's journey with CYT spans over a decade, during which she has witnessed the transformative power of theater in the lives of countless individuals, including her own family. Her deep-rooted connection to CYT goes beyond her staff duties; it is a testament to her personal investment in the organization and its mission. As a mother whose children have grown up within the CYT community, Julie understands firsthand the profound impact it can have on young hearts and minds. Julie's love for CYT extends beyond the stage; it encompasses the vibrant network of families and supporters who share her passion for theater and youth development.

Jaelyn Young

Lite Show Coordinator
Jaelyn is a recent graduate from CYT North Idaho. She has been a part of this program since she was 10 years old. CYT has always been a super important part of her life and she has made lifelong friends here! She is so excited to be able to introduce the new generation of CYT to the art of theatre. Jaelyn is currently a full time student at North Idaho College studying dental hygiene. She is so thankful for this opportunity and super excited to get started!

Jinny Turnbull

Office Administrator/Registrar/Box Office Manager
Jinny has been a part of CYT since Fall 2011 when her youngest daughter decided to give up her beloved travelling baseball for a “life” on the stage, and has never looked back. At 16, Jinny's oldest daughter took on her parent committee responsibilities since there was still a small child at home. Jinny started as the Class Coordinator in Fall 2016 and then on to administrative tasks two years later with that expanding over the years to include a wide range of duties. Her youngest two children have gone through the program with many, many friends made. Her oldest, as well as her youngest daughter, are still involved together as Co-Production Team members for Hair and Makeup.

Julie Hunt

Julie Hunt began her journey with CYT North Idaho when her daughter wanted to audition for the first show, a tour group of A Christmas Carol. They only had one other boy audition and were worried whether they could actually make this first show a reality. She brought her two boys and CYTNI has been a staple in our community ever since. For two of her kids, the performing bug has never left. Julie was the bookkeeper from 2008 to 2013 and then again beginning in 2017. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting and is a retired CPA. She also is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and helps people manage stress.