1. Deadline to receive ALL ads is June 18th, this includes artwork for business ads as well as wording (20 words or less) for Congrat Ads (these are purchased from your family page under "Purchase"). Everything should be emailed to cytjinny@gmail.com.

2. All families can help generate revenue for CYT by selling an ad to a local business; either your own business or one you frequent. Ad sales forms are available below (click on the blue button) and under the Shows tab on website under PDF's. Please note that a few ads are first come first served (back cover, etc) and therefore, on occasion, not available because they have already been sold.

3. If you sell an ad for a business, you can print out the ad sales form (blue button below), fill it out completely, collect payment and then have the artwork either emailed to cytjinny@gmail.com, or include 2 business cards if no electronic artwork is available. Put the forms, payment, and artwork in an envelope marked PLAYBILL and put them in the Magic Box at CYT. 

4. If you would like to be a show sponsor please click the button below, fill out the form, and contact Jessica (jbelisle.cyt@gmail.com or Julie H. (juliehunt.cyt@gmail.com).  THANK YOU!