"One of the things that I love about CYT is it is not about getting a lead role at all. You will be loved, appreciated and needed even if you think you have a small role. I have watched CYT literally saving lives every day."  Sydney Jacobson
"I went from a dark place to a place joy and loving people and not hating people. I was really uplifted and excited about what God had given me."  Donivan Floyd
"CYT taught me that you will make mistakes and you won't always be perfect and sometimes you just have to go with it because not everything is always going to be perfect."  Alee Foster
"CYT is a place where you walk in and it feels like everything that is bad just goes away. It's amazing that a theater group can do that."   Chance Turnbull
"If you are stressed or something, anyone is willing to pray with you! You feel so loved and welcome at CYT."   Juliet Scarola
"Coming into CYT I was very shy and kept to myself, but the environment at  CYT was so kind and encouraging that I was able to come out of my shell...being able to be a part of something like that, surrounded by all these wonderful people, really shaped me as a person and helped me grow."   Carter Little
"I learned a bunch of lessons in singing, acting, and dancing, which are incredibly valuable. But equally important, if not more so, are the lessons that I will take from CYT that have helped me grow as an individual. Through my six years in the program, I have learned true compassion, love, leadership skills, and confidence.”  Tyler McCabe
"You walk into CYT and there is just this light, and this laughter, and this joy - and I walked in and I felt so loved." Anna Bookamer
"There is something really special about a group of kids getting together to worship God through theater. "  Emme' Labenne
"When I started becoming part of CYT, I had never really found a place where I could fit in and belong and I didn't even know I was missing that from my life." Robbie Johnston
"...talking to the younger kids about their day, being helpful to them, like people at CYT were to me when I was younger - There is nothing like it, I'm very thankful for CYT."  Sean Unruh
"Through all the things I encountered and all the challenges I came up against, it toughened me up and helped me realize that maybe this program wasn't just about the theater. It was about the relationships and the friendships and the life experiences that I learned along the way. I can't thank CYT enough."  Brooke Kraft