"What makes CYT so special? Lots of things! Let me highlight a few. The best lesson by far that they have learned might be grit. All their attempts to take risks, to put themselves out there, to risk disappointment, to fail and then to try again, it taught them grit. This has been by far the most valuable life lesson that I could never have taught them on my own."  Alyssa Jacobson
"CYT has helped so many families lives, countless children's lives, there is just something so special about it."  Jenny Keough
"From there her anxiety attacks got less and less and her confidence grew. From CYT she learned you can't always be perfect you just have to go with it. The Improv classes really helped with that."  Laura Foster
"When we prepare these costumes and put them on these kids, they become that character and they just gain this confidence and their persona of who they are supposed to be and it is just delightful. Our kids need this program our community needs this program."  Jerri Unruh