"The arts are such an important part of our existence and if we've all learned anything this year it's that human connection is incredibly important. CYT is a huge part of that for these kids, parent, volunteers and the CDA community as a whole."  Cassie Soumas
"It is not just a theater education program, it teaches you how to be responsive and part of a group and learn how to interact with others who have different opinions. At CYT you don't even know you are learning things, you are just having fun and in the process you are being taught some amazing lifelong skills."  Chloe Turnbull
"The morals you are taught in CYT help you maintain friendship, they teach you how to treat other people with kindness and truly how to love those around you."  Jared Kraft
”I am devastated for the kids who won't get to experience CYT because it gave me so much in my life, it really shaped me to be this compassionate, loving person as well as this dedicated performer.” Marta Myers
"I was surrounded by mentors who not only challenged my performing arts skills, but challenged my character. I was held accountable for my actions, I was taught a strong work ethic and I was also challenged in my relationship with God which is the most important thing in the entire world."  Paisley DuPuis
"To me CYT means family and community, it means love, joy and kindness."  Sophie Ventresco